November 7, 2013

Blogging Challenge 8

Student Blogging Challenge
Challenge #8
I have visited 10 different websites. I went on websites of people from Canada, United States,  and Australia. Here are the different blogs that I went to and I like all of them.

Fact about Gem's blog is that she likes Oreos dipped in Ginger Ale 

  Fact about Rachel's blog is that she loves to bake and cook just like me.   /   

 Fact about Abby's blog is that she loves to play soccer. 

 Fact about Hailee's blog is that likes animals. 

Fact about Chyna's blog is that she likes volleyball which I played my sixth grade year.

Fact about Veronica is that she likes Ariana Grande, One Direction, and tacos just like I do. /
Fact about Alyssa's blog is that she loves One Direction just like me. /

Fact about La'Nadie's blog is that she really likes her school and even posted pictures of it.

Fact about Laine's blog is that likes to play hockey.

Fact about Unknown name's blog is that she likes to play Softball. 

Those are the blogs that I visited make sure you check out there blogs with the links above.
If the links don't work copy and padte them to the search bar until they get fixed.


  1. Nice post Breanna, you sure did a lot of visiting! I like how you shared a little about all of the authors that you visited.
    Text can be hard to read online, especially if you are using a small media device. You can make it easier to read by separating it into different paragraphs.
    I look forward to reading your next post. Keep blogging,

  2. I had fixed it is it better to read now?