December 12, 2013

Suprising & Shocking Things I've Learned About Charles Dickens & Child Labor

Some of the shocking and surprising things that I learned about  Child Labor in Victorian Children's lives is that they had extremely hard jobs. Victorian Child Labor started in the 1800's. They had to work in some very hard conditions. I found these very dreadful as I was reading. Here are some of the shocking things that I have found out. First children could get permanent spine deformation from working in the chimneys. Second thing about Victorian Child Labor is that  children as young as three did the chimney sweep. Another thing about the chimney sweep is that when they got hurt their boss would wash wounds with salt water and send them to a different chimney. Last thing that I will tell is that Orphans were put into chimneys as slavery and were in their until they couldn't fit in the chimney.

Shocking things about Charles Dickens life is that at the age of nine he had to work in a factory for three years. When he was working in the factory his parents were imprisoned and he wasn't able to see them until until after the three years. He felt loneliness and despair  wile he was working in the blacking factory. After he was done with his three years at the factory he got sent back to school. He never forgot the experience of having to work in the lonesome factory still lingering in the back of his mind.

After reading this the Big question that comes to mind is this. Why did these children have to work in such horrid conditions?

December 9, 2013

Thanks for Nominating Me For Best Student Blog.

This is truly amazing to be nominated as Best Student Blog for 2013. I'd like to thank everyone who has been voting for me. Also the people who nominated me. Good luck to everyone who was nominated. It is an honor just to be nominated. Congrats to whom may win. Wish everyone the best of luck.

December 6, 2013

Blogging Challenge 10

I have written 18 posts. Out of all of the post 7 were ones given by my teacher Mrs. Neidlinger, 9 from the challenge, and 2 that was unrelated. I had received 14 comments from teachers, and overseas students. I received the most comments on Blogging Challenge 9 Part A. I think I got the most comments on that one because it was lengthy and it was two different parts which made it more interesting.

I enjoyed the post on the Best Individual Student Blog because I was able to nominate someone that I thought put a lot of great work and hard effort into their blog. Yes, I have changed my blog theme once from plain green to a One Direction theme because I thought that went along with my interest even though green is my all-time favorite color. I have 8 widgets and I believe that 8 is good because it is not too crowded on my blog. Overseas students that I have on my blogroll is 157 students.

3 Amazing Kids Making A Difference

The first amazing kid that was making a difference was 6 year old Ryan Hreljac. In 1998 Ryan got the idea of building a well from his first grade teacher who told the class about how many kids in foreign countries are underprivileged.  Then he got the idea of creating a well for people of a Ugandan village. He started to get money to create the well by doing chores and in his end result built his very first well in an Ugandan village. Within 1998-2001 Ryan was then 10 and had earned 70,000 dollars for clean water wells and other school projects for the people of an Ugandan village. As a six year old he came up with the idea to help other people in a different country get clean water to help them with their everyday lives and he was capable even though he was a very young boy. In the summer of 2000 he traveled to Uganda for two weeks and met the people  and he saw he well and it was named  Ryan’s Well. After this was when his foundation Ryan's Well Foundation had begun its start. Here is the link to his website

The second amazing kid was Austin Gutwein. He got his start at the age of 14. He really got his start because he had a pen pal from Africa that was talking about the different dieases. He decided to help the kids with supplying them with mosquito nets,medical supply kits, biycycles, and clean drinking water for the people. Now more than 1,500 children that are being fed each day. Even the children that are orphans. Now Austin has raised over $3 million total to his Hoops of Hope Foundation. It all started from 2,057 free throws. He has also helped the children of Africa and the United States. Here is Austin's websites

The third amazing kid is Alexandra Scott. She got her start at the age 4. She wanted to help find a way to cure cancer and to help other kids that were diagnosed with cancer. So then she came up with making a lemonade stand to help benifit pediatric cancer research. It was then named Alex's Lemonade Stand.  In 2000 she was determined when she got out of the hospital that she would start a lemonade stand. With the help of her older brother later in that first year they raised an amazing $2,000 for her hospital.  By her second birthday she was able to crawl and walk with leg braces. She then kept holding yearly lemonade stands until 2004 when Alex had passed away at the age 8. During the time she was alive and had the lemonade stand she had raised over $1,000,000 to help find a cure for the disease she had. Her three brothers and parents want to continue along with Alex's legacy by not ending the lemonade stand. Vist Alex's website here to learn more about the lemonade stand