December 6, 2013

Blogging Challenge 10

I have written 18 posts. Out of all of the post 7 were ones given by my teacher Mrs. Neidlinger, 9 from the challenge, and 2 that was unrelated. I had received 14 comments from teachers, and overseas students. I received the most comments on Blogging Challenge 9 Part A. I think I got the most comments on that one because it was lengthy and it was two different parts which made it more interesting.

I enjoyed the post on the Best Individual Student Blog because I was able to nominate someone that I thought put a lot of great work and hard effort into their blog. Yes, I have changed my blog theme once from plain green to a One Direction theme because I thought that went along with my interest even though green is my all-time favorite color. I have 8 widgets and I believe that 8 is good because it is not too crowded on my blog. Overseas students that I have on my blogroll is 157 students.


  1. Good post Breana, I can tell you did a pretty good audit of your blog from the details that you included.

    Text can be hard to read online, especially if you are using a small media device. You can make it easier to read by separating it into different paragraphs.

    Keep blogging!

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  3. I'll be sure to check out your blog as soon as I can.