December 12, 2013

Suprising & Shocking Things I've Learned About Charles Dickens & Child Labor

Some of the shocking and surprising things that I learned about  Child Labor in Victorian Children's lives is that they had extremely hard jobs. Victorian Child Labor started in the 1800's. They had to work in some very hard conditions. I found these very dreadful as I was reading. Here are some of the shocking things that I have found out. First children could get permanent spine deformation from working in the chimneys. Second thing about Victorian Child Labor is that  children as young as three did the chimney sweep. Another thing about the chimney sweep is that when they got hurt their boss would wash wounds with salt water and send them to a different chimney. Last thing that I will tell is that Orphans were put into chimneys as slavery and were in their until they couldn't fit in the chimney.

Shocking things about Charles Dickens life is that at the age of nine he had to work in a factory for three years. When he was working in the factory his parents were imprisoned and he wasn't able to see them until until after the three years. He felt loneliness and despair  wile he was working in the blacking factory. After he was done with his three years at the factory he got sent back to school. He never forgot the experience of having to work in the lonesome factory still lingering in the back of his mind.

After reading this the Big question that comes to mind is this. Why did these children have to work in such horrid conditions?

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