December 17, 2014

The Year of the Hangman Book Blog - Week 2

Question #2
I think that in today's society in America adults do wait to long to treat teenagers like adults. Here are some pros and cons of having Americans have full rights and responsibilities at the age of 15 are. Pros are that they would have a say in the person that they would want to lead our country. They would take more responsibility sooner. They'd be able to have a say of what is right for their country. They would become more educated about the world in an adult way. Cons are that some teenagers wouldn't be able to keep up with everything that is going on. Some teenagers could misuse the rights of adulthood. They could become overwhelmed with responsibilities. School and working for a living could be hard for them. Those are some pros and cons of having full rights and responsibilities of adults at the age of 18.

December 11, 2014

The Year of the Hangman Book Blog - Week 1

                                      The Year of the Hangman Book Blog - Week 1

I choose question #1

One major event in history was the Revolutionary War. What might have happened if the Americans didn't win the Revolutionary War? According to the article, What if the British had won the Revolutionary War is we would all be under British rule. There would probably even be more taxation. We would still be ruled by the King of England who is far away. 

November 17, 2014

Innovation Hour

Today for Kiva, I looked at the different countries and things that I could help to support.

  • I wonder what I could do to raise money for someone to maintain their clothing business.
  • What if started some sort of clothing drive.
  • What would it take to sell winterwear
  • I noticed that there were many people that don't get funded and are running out of time.
  • What could happen if I did something that involved clothing

November 12, 2014

Innovation Hour

Today is our first day of Innovation Hour this year. I decided that I wanted to help a charity called  During Innovation Hour I wondered what I could set up to help this charity. I noticed that everyone on Kiva has a deadline to how long they can get help from people so you might want to help some of the people who are close to their deadline. I learned that it is not easy for the people to get loans because there are a lot of people with 0% funds. I liked that I saw a lot of people that were funding people of Kiva.

American Revolution

What was America like in 1763? The good the bad and the ugly.

Why did English Americans want their independence? Did every american want? Why or why not.

What/When/Where was the decision made to become independent?

how and why did it begin?

America is 1763 was bad and good for  the colonists. Something good that happened to the colonists was that the French and Indian War was over and they didn't have to fight anymore. Starting off with the bad was taxation. According to the book,  England was in debt because the war against France was very costly for them so they decided to start taxing the colonists. Also the colonists worked very hard and some of them were sixteen years of age or younger, and they had to work for the idlers which were rich Englishmen that did not work at all. self govern

The English Americans wanted their independence because they tax laws were going into effect; and they got angry because they just got taxed more and more throughout this time. They also wanted independence because they believed that it would be a peaceful solution to the conflicts with England. Then they divided into two groups the people that wanted to stay loyal to the King called Loyalists. They the people that wanted to break free from England called the Patriots.

The decision to become independent happened when Benjamin Franklin thought that the English society was corrupt and that the Americans should break away. The conflict between Benjamin Franklin reflected on the Patriots and Loyalists in the colonies which sort of led to the decision to become independent.

Strengths and Weakness of England and America

Similarities and Differences between their strengths were were for America they fought for a cause. They just didn't fight just because they wanted to there was a reason. While as England doesn't show of fighting for a cause as a reason. A strength of England is that the had the best trained Army in the world. While as America's weakness was that they had an unprofessional, poorly trained army. A weakness that England had was fighting far from home. While America's strength was fighting on home soil.

It was a bad time for Washington at Valley Forge because about 2,000 out of 10,000 of his army had died. He spent a good portion of his winter trying to get his army ready to fight.

April 23, 2014

Challenge 5 : Teck Trek

There are so many different types and genres of music that you can choose from.

List Below:
Pop, Rock, Country, Jazz, Folk, Hip Hop, Rhythm and Blues and many more.


Music Helps


April 9, 2014

Challenge 4 : What's All The Blogging About?

                            Music Helps!
I love listening to music, singing music, and playing music at school and at home. I am in Band and Choir. In my own belief I think that it is good to participate in different classes like Band, Choir, and Orchestra. It helps you gain even a further knowledge because you learn how to read music and learn notes and fingerings. You also learn about music's past.history. You also learn how to clap and count different rhythms. In Choir you learn what pitches you need to sing. The different parts like if it is three parts or two part music. I think everyone should like music whether it is playing and instrument, singing or even just listening to music. Some may agree with my perspective some may not agree at all. Also listening to music relieves some of the stress that some people have on a daily basis. Music can also help many people remain focus.

Name of Article - The Role of Music in Stress Management.
Author of Article - Lisa Tams
Date of Post - October 15, 2013 or 10/15/13

I believe that music helps everyone in many different ways. Music helps people by adding and subtracting beats, knowing how to read music and learn different notes. Yet most of all, music can be a stress reliever. According to the article, "The Role of Music in Stress Management," Some clients have reported that they relax when they are listening to music, and making music. Which agrees to what I say about music helping people. It helps people focus which the article does agree to as well.

March 21, 2014

Challenge 3 : What's In A Picture

  3/21/14  Emily's Own Lost World

    “I don’t know how this all happened,” said Emily Andrews sadly.

She was at her toasty warm home in New England, COnnecticut where she could smell the delicious apple pie baking all the way from her gigantic room upstairs. Emily was wearing a white tank top, and blue jean shorts with her hair tied back in a big ponytail with her long dirty blonde hair she loved the deliciously, strong smell of apple pie. It was that time of year when the temperatures can be tremendously high in Connecticut. Today the temperature was 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside. it was very summery outside that people weren’t able to go out without having surplus amount of water with them. While Emily sat in her blue painted room bored out of her mind. Emily had her laptop with a baby blue case in her hands. She was on Twitter at the time because she didn’t know what to do. She was planning an exciting hangout with her friend Serenity Grace.

“I’ve known Serenity for as long as I could remember. She has always been a great friend of mine.”  Emily said while talking to herself.

She kept tweeting and tweeting because she was getting impatient waiting for the scrumptious dessert her mom was cooking to be completed. Emily had a stomach ache the delicious dinner of homemade rice tacos that were better than any taco from Taco Bell that she had ever eaten.
“Emily and Grace come down for dessert.” said mother.

“Ok Mother,” Grace and Emily said.

They all gathered their plates and sat at the table to enjoy the pleasant, warm apple pie that awaited them. Soon after they were seated at the table their father came home from work that gloomy evening.

“Hello father how was your day at work?,” Emily said.

“My day at work was very stressful actually Em.” father said.

“Thanks for being concerned about your fathers day went.” mother said.

“Girls as soon as you are done finishing up the quite delightful apple pie you need to get yourselves settled down for the night because there's a lot to do tomorrow.” said mother.

Everyone was at the table eating their desert socializing while Grace sat quietly without speaking one word. The girls then fell asleep after they were done with the apple pie without speaking one word to each other at all that day.

“Girls it is Saturday morning and we have big plans for today because it is very bright, sunny, and blistering outside this morning.” said father.

“Ok, but do we have to now?” said Grace.

Grace looked like a pile of dirty clothes that morning. Her hair was out of her ponytail and looked like a rats nest. She had gooey slobber all across her face.

“Yes, you and Emily are going to bond today.” her Mother said while passing by Grace’s room.

Emily and Grace’s mother and father had made sure that they had their bathing suits, goggles, and other swimming gear with them while they had their dreadful travel to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.

“You guys do know that i am not going to interact with Grace at all while we are at the beach.” said Emily.

“Yes, Emily you are going to have to interact with Grace, and you are not going to ignore her at all. We are going to drop you guys off at the because and we are going to your grandmother Suzanne’s house whether you like it or not.” said father.

The drive took quite some time heading towards SOuth Carolina away from their cozy home in New England, Connecticut. Emily decided that she would fall asleep listening to her favorite band One Direction while they traveled to Myrtle Beach. Grace just sat thinking t0o herself why did she have to have an older sister that ignored her. They kept silent the whole ride to Myrtle Beach.

“Were here!” said mother.
“Yay!” said Emily with sarcasm.

Their parents dropped them off and made sure that they had all of their swimming gear with them because they’re going to leave to their mother’s house which is Grace and Emily’s grandmother Suzanne.

“See you later girls be safe while you're out here and socialize with each other,” said father.

They girls then went into the bathrooms where they got all of their bathing suits, goggles and towels with them. As soon as they were both done Emily ran out to the beach without a single care of her younger sister Grace. Grace decided to sit at a bench near the beach just looking at the bright blue water flowing in the quiet winds. Grace’s long blonde hair was whipping along with the wind. Suddenly all Grace heard was completed silence.

Chapter 2

Emily suddenly started to worry about Grace because she wasn’t bugging a single muscle in her entire body. Emily started to run as fast as she could. Emily looked like she was an official track star running at lightning speed. Emily finally reached Grace in a matter of seconds.

“Grace are you ok?” said Emily quickly.

“I’m fine. I just don’t feel like swimming at all.” said Grace.

“Then why did you have to come in the first place?” said Emily snottily.

“Well I’m going to go sit on a rock while you’re here alone I don’t want to disturb the peace.” said Emily.

Grace just ignored her wishing that she could just go away because she was annoyed by her older sister.

“I don’t even know why she is so concerned she doesn’t care about me anyway.” said Grace talking to herself.

A couple minutes passed by and Grace was looking up at the bright blue sky. The sky had only a few clouds that looked like puffy marshmallows. She then took a gaze at the luminous sun in the sky above her. Grace was so bored that she decided that she should make the most of the visit. Grace finally got off of the bench and headed toward the warm waters.

“I don’t want to be anywhere near her. I am going to go further away farther than anyone else” said Grace.

“At least I will be alone like always enjoying my own company.” said Grace.

Grace started to swim rapidly across the beach. She looked up at the sky again only seeing a few birds scattering across the sky freely together. She wishes that this was how her bond was with her older sister Emily. Grace suddenly stopped she realized that she was the only one in the middle of nowhere.

Grace was panicking she didn’t know what to do she was alone like she wished but she never realized she would be remote from the beginning of Myrtle Beach.

“Help! Help! Someone help I am in the middle of Myrtle Beach!” screamed Grace.

Emily thought that she should check up on Grace because it has been about two hours since she had actually seen Grace. Emily got out of the warm water and suddenly got very bone-chilling because of the heavy winds that South Carolina were about to receive. Emily struggled to move very radily because of the high winds. When Emily finally reached the destination that she believed her sister was in. Her sister was nowhere in sight and Emily didn’t feel great at all.

Chapter 3

It seems to Emily that there was one of the greatest storms in South Carolina history was about to strike and she couldn’t find Grace at all she began to sob heavily.

“It’s all my fault I need to find her fast before the storm hits and time soon.” Emily said tears streaming down her face.

Meanwhile, Grace was still in nowhere and she felt useless. She was trying to reach Myrtle Beach but she gave up on herself. She was so close to being near the beach. She could see the beach from where she was at.

“Emily! Emily! Emily! Emily! Help me I can’t swim any longer. Please help me! Please.” said Grace bursting into tears.

“Emily! Emily! Emily! Emily! Please Emily!” shouted Grace.

Emily started to hear someone shouting her name in the distance she turned around to she Grace shouting at the top of her lungs. Emily started to run but it was too late. There was a boat behind Grace that Grace didn’t apprehend  or notice because she was focused on getting Emily’s attention.

“When I opened my eyes, I saw that Grace got swatted by the boat passing by at the speed of light.” said Grace shakily.

Emily was about as far away from one side of a normal classroom to the other when Grace started to slowly sink and drown.

“No Grace I am coming for you. You’ll be safe. Don’t drown.” said Emily.

She finally got a grip on Grace and Emily swam rapidly ashore.
The parents had came to pick up Emily and Grace from Myrtle Beach. They were all crying in the car as they rushed to the hospital. Suddenly Emily’s best friend showed up at the hospital because she had heard about what happened to Grace on her Twitter feed and she wanted to be there.

“I heard about what had happened to Grace. Is she alright?” said Serenity.

“All the information that the doctor gave us was that Grace had a severe concussion to her head which has lead her to a deep coma.” said Emily.

They left the hospital and went back to the beach were Emily took off her shoes and set them by a nearby rock which she sat on thinking to herself.

“Grace is at the hopital know and all we can do is pray that she'll be alright. Serenity just make sure that you never take loved ones for granted like I did.” said Emily.

March 4, 2014

Challenge 2 -Read Across America

My favorite book is the Magician’s Nephew by C.S Lewis. This is my favorite book because it is so interesting and you don’t know what is going to happen next. Like Polly and Digory were at Digory’s Uncle Andrew’s house and Polly had touched a yellow ring and she had disappeared. So Digory had to do the same to save her as well and they go through a journey together.

February 25, 2014

Challenge 1 -Write Sideways

 "Write Sideways"
 Challenge #1

I am introducing myself by answering question #16, #19, #11, #21

#16 The place that I have always wanted to travel to is the United Kingdom.

 #19 The greatest disappointment of my life is when I was SOOOO excited to go to a One Direction concert and on July 14, 2013. My mom waited a day before the concert that she didn't get the tickets. I didn't talk to her for a week because I was so upset and mad at her.

#11 My deepest fear is that I will not be able to go to the One Direction concert this year, and my mom will break her promise and  end up telling me few days before when I am overly excited that I might faint that I can't go.

#21 The song that I listen to on repeat is Half a Heart by One Direction which you can listen to below

January 30, 2014

You Can't Buy Happiness

   When I think about the quote "You Can't Buy Happiness" I believe that this quote is entirely true. You can't buy happiness  For example we read about a few amazing kids in the past few weeks and they didn't have to buy happiness. One  Some people would think that you could buy happiness.  For example my youngest sister thinks that you can buy happiness. She is in love with Monster High and she really loves to watch it. Is always mad when she sees something Monster High and my mom says she can't get it. She'll throw a fit and become unhappy for the rest of the day. Another example is from "A Christmas Carol" Scrooge was such a very greedy man that he thought more about his money tha than the woman he loved, Belle.  The last example is the Mega Millions lottery tickets. Many people are using tons of their income to buy tickets for the Mega Millions. Buying these tickets seem to bring them happiness. I don't believe you could buy happiness. Many people are wasting their money because the chances of many people winning aren't high.

Reflection of January Smackdown


The book that I am reading is The Magician's Nephew. Which is part of The Chronicles of Narnia. The author The Magician's Nephew is C.S. Lewis. What has inspired me throughout the book is that Digory had more courage than his Uncle Andrew to save Polly from the "Other World" that Polly went to. Also what had inspired me is that Digory actually grabbed the yellow rings to go save her and the green rings to go bring them all back home.

What I found confusing was why did Uncle Andrew need two children for his experiment? What was in the little box Uncle Andrew got from his Godmother? Why did Uncle Andrew put Polly and Digory's lives on the line? How did all of the pools in the other world get there? Why is everything in the other world the same?

What I liked about the book is that it is a very descriptive book. How Uncle Andrew told you that he is probably the last mortal in the world that had fairy blood. I also liked that the painting of Uncle Andrew his Godmother lead  to a little story about her and her life. How they figured out that the box came from the lost island of Atlantis. The last thing I liked was that the green rings actually worked and could bring them back to the real world.

I am still wondering if everything is exactly the same in the other world will the landmark they made at the one pool that took them back home would copy next to each pool that there is. I also wonder if the landmark they made could fade away. These are the only things that I am still wondering about in my book The Magicians Nephew.

Yes, I would reccomend the book The Magicains Nephew to other people. I would reccomend this to people because it is full of mystery and mythical adventure. I wasn't very sure about this genre, but as soon as I actually got into the book I started to become a fan of it. I think that it is a very interesting book myself. There is very much action in the book which makes it interesting.

Yes, I do see myself reading this genre again. I see myself reading the rest of the series because it seems very great after reading the first book you just want to keep reading the others in the series. I like this series because of all the cool fantasy things I have read about.

January 10, 2014

Am I A Genius?

No, I am not a genius. I believe I am not a genius because I don't know everything about everything. I am not strong in every subject. Also I see a genius as a person who knows everything there is to know about different subjects like (Math, Language Arts etc..). Personally I do not think that I am that type of personAs well as I don't have many great ideas like a great amount of geniuses would. Many genius come up with very great ideas that become known worldwide.

I think that someone can become a genius by having a very great knowledge in different types of skills and subjects. Basically someone that comes up or came upon a brilliant idea. Anyone can become a genius there aren't particularly people that were born with the gift of being a genius. You can become a genius by studying things that you do often. Like you can become a genius in Math by studying the topic that you are learning to make you become a greater math student.

If a genius walk right through the door you would know they are a genius buy the way they talk. They use higher vocabulary. If I could become a genius I would probably want to become a genius in Math. I don't really know exactly why I would want to be a genis in Math. I probably think that because it would be easier to understand different lessons. I'd be able to finish my homework quickly because I understand it well.