January 30, 2014

You Can't Buy Happiness

   When I think about the quote "You Can't Buy Happiness" I believe that this quote is entirely true. You can't buy happiness  For example we read about a few amazing kids in the past few weeks and they didn't have to buy happiness. One  Some people would think that you could buy happiness.  For example my youngest sister thinks that you can buy happiness. She is in love with Monster High and she really loves to watch it. Is always mad when she sees something Monster High and my mom says she can't get it. She'll throw a fit and become unhappy for the rest of the day. Another example is from "A Christmas Carol" Scrooge was such a very greedy man that he thought more about his money tha than the woman he loved, Belle.  The last example is the Mega Millions lottery tickets. Many people are using tons of their income to buy tickets for the Mega Millions. Buying these tickets seem to bring them happiness. I don't believe you could buy happiness. Many people are wasting their money because the chances of many people winning aren't high.

Reflection of January Smackdown


The book that I am reading is The Magician's Nephew. Which is part of The Chronicles of Narnia. The author The Magician's Nephew is C.S. Lewis. What has inspired me throughout the book is that Digory had more courage than his Uncle Andrew to save Polly from the "Other World" that Polly went to. Also what had inspired me is that Digory actually grabbed the yellow rings to go save her and the green rings to go bring them all back home.

What I found confusing was why did Uncle Andrew need two children for his experiment? What was in the little box Uncle Andrew got from his Godmother? Why did Uncle Andrew put Polly and Digory's lives on the line? How did all of the pools in the other world get there? Why is everything in the other world the same?

What I liked about the book is that it is a very descriptive book. How Uncle Andrew told you that he is probably the last mortal in the world that had fairy blood. I also liked that the painting of Uncle Andrew his Godmother lead  to a little story about her and her life. How they figured out that the box came from the lost island of Atlantis. The last thing I liked was that the green rings actually worked and could bring them back to the real world.

I am still wondering if everything is exactly the same in the other world will the landmark they made at the one pool that took them back home would copy next to each pool that there is. I also wonder if the landmark they made could fade away. These are the only things that I am still wondering about in my book The Magicians Nephew.

Yes, I would reccomend the book The Magicains Nephew to other people. I would reccomend this to people because it is full of mystery and mythical adventure. I wasn't very sure about this genre, but as soon as I actually got into the book I started to become a fan of it. I think that it is a very interesting book myself. There is very much action in the book which makes it interesting.

Yes, I do see myself reading this genre again. I see myself reading the rest of the series because it seems very great after reading the first book you just want to keep reading the others in the series. I like this series because of all the cool fantasy things I have read about.

January 10, 2014

Am I A Genius?

No, I am not a genius. I believe I am not a genius because I don't know everything about everything. I am not strong in every subject. Also I see a genius as a person who knows everything there is to know about different subjects like (Math, Language Arts etc..). Personally I do not think that I am that type of personAs well as I don't have many great ideas like a great amount of geniuses would. Many genius come up with very great ideas that become known worldwide.

I think that someone can become a genius by having a very great knowledge in different types of skills and subjects. Basically someone that comes up or came upon a brilliant idea. Anyone can become a genius there aren't particularly people that were born with the gift of being a genius. You can become a genius by studying things that you do often. Like you can become a genius in Math by studying the topic that you are learning to make you become a greater math student.

If a genius walk right through the door you would know they are a genius buy the way they talk. They use higher vocabulary. If I could become a genius I would probably want to become a genius in Math. I don't really know exactly why I would want to be a genis in Math. I probably think that because it would be easier to understand different lessons. I'd be able to finish my homework quickly because I understand it well.