January 10, 2014

Am I A Genius?

No, I am not a genius. I believe I am not a genius because I don't know everything about everything. I am not strong in every subject. Also I see a genius as a person who knows everything there is to know about different subjects like (Math, Language Arts etc..). Personally I do not think that I am that type of personAs well as I don't have many great ideas like a great amount of geniuses would. Many genius come up with very great ideas that become known worldwide.

I think that someone can become a genius by having a very great knowledge in different types of skills and subjects. Basically someone that comes up or came upon a brilliant idea. Anyone can become a genius there aren't particularly people that were born with the gift of being a genius. You can become a genius by studying things that you do often. Like you can become a genius in Math by studying the topic that you are learning to make you become a greater math student.

If a genius walk right through the door you would know they are a genius buy the way they talk. They use higher vocabulary. If I could become a genius I would probably want to become a genius in Math. I don't really know exactly why I would want to be a genis in Math. I probably think that because it would be easier to understand different lessons. I'd be able to finish my homework quickly because I understand it well.


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  2. 谢谢。我会尽量尽快检查你的博客。我讲英语。