January 30, 2014

Reflection of January Smackdown


The book that I am reading is The Magician's Nephew. Which is part of The Chronicles of Narnia. The author The Magician's Nephew is C.S. Lewis. What has inspired me throughout the book is that Digory had more courage than his Uncle Andrew to save Polly from the "Other World" that Polly went to. Also what had inspired me is that Digory actually grabbed the yellow rings to go save her and the green rings to go bring them all back home.

What I found confusing was why did Uncle Andrew need two children for his experiment? What was in the little box Uncle Andrew got from his Godmother? Why did Uncle Andrew put Polly and Digory's lives on the line? How did all of the pools in the other world get there? Why is everything in the other world the same?

What I liked about the book is that it is a very descriptive book. How Uncle Andrew told you that he is probably the last mortal in the world that had fairy blood. I also liked that the painting of Uncle Andrew his Godmother lead  to a little story about her and her life. How they figured out that the box came from the lost island of Atlantis. The last thing I liked was that the green rings actually worked and could bring them back to the real world.

I am still wondering if everything is exactly the same in the other world will the landmark they made at the one pool that took them back home would copy next to each pool that there is. I also wonder if the landmark they made could fade away. These are the only things that I am still wondering about in my book The Magicians Nephew.

Yes, I would reccomend the book The Magicains Nephew to other people. I would reccomend this to people because it is full of mystery and mythical adventure. I wasn't very sure about this genre, but as soon as I actually got into the book I started to become a fan of it. I think that it is a very interesting book myself. There is very much action in the book which makes it interesting.

Yes, I do see myself reading this genre again. I see myself reading the rest of the series because it seems very great after reading the first book you just want to keep reading the others in the series. I like this series because of all the cool fantasy things I have read about.

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