January 30, 2014

You Can't Buy Happiness

   When I think about the quote "You Can't Buy Happiness" I believe that this quote is entirely true. You can't buy happiness  For example we read about a few amazing kids in the past few weeks and they didn't have to buy happiness. One  Some people would think that you could buy happiness.  For example my youngest sister thinks that you can buy happiness. She is in love with Monster High and she really loves to watch it. Is always mad when she sees something Monster High and my mom says she can't get it. She'll throw a fit and become unhappy for the rest of the day. Another example is from "A Christmas Carol" Scrooge was such a very greedy man that he thought more about his money tha than the woman he loved, Belle.  The last example is the Mega Millions lottery tickets. Many people are using tons of their income to buy tickets for the Mega Millions. Buying these tickets seem to bring them happiness. I don't believe you could buy happiness. Many people are wasting their money because the chances of many people winning aren't high.

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