February 25, 2014

Challenge 1 -Write Sideways

 "Write Sideways"
 Challenge #1

I am introducing myself by answering question #16, #19, #11, #21

#16 The place that I have always wanted to travel to is the United Kingdom.

 #19 The greatest disappointment of my life is when I was SOOOO excited to go to a One Direction concert and on July 14, 2013. My mom waited a day before the concert that she didn't get the tickets. I didn't talk to her for a week because I was so upset and mad at her.

#11 My deepest fear is that I will not be able to go to the One Direction concert this year, and my mom will break her promise and  end up telling me few days before when I am overly excited that I might faint that I can't go.

#21 The song that I listen to on repeat is Half a Heart by One Direction which you can listen to below