April 23, 2014

Challenge 5 : Teck Trek

There are so many different types and genres of music that you can choose from.

List Below:
Pop, Rock, Country, Jazz, Folk, Hip Hop, Rhythm and Blues and many more.


Music Helps


April 9, 2014

Challenge 4 : What's All The Blogging About?

                            Music Helps!
I love listening to music, singing music, and playing music at school and at home. I am in Band and Choir. In my own belief I think that it is good to participate in different classes like Band, Choir, and Orchestra. It helps you gain even a further knowledge because you learn how to read music and learn notes and fingerings. You also learn about music's past.history. You also learn how to clap and count different rhythms. In Choir you learn what pitches you need to sing. The different parts like if it is three parts or two part music. I think everyone should like music whether it is playing and instrument, singing or even just listening to music. Some may agree with my perspective some may not agree at all. Also listening to music relieves some of the stress that some people have on a daily basis. Music can also help many people remain focus.

Name of Article - The Role of Music in Stress Management.
Author of Article - Lisa Tams
Date of Post - October 15, 2013 or 10/15/13

I believe that music helps everyone in many different ways. Music helps people by adding and subtracting beats, knowing how to read music and learn different notes. Yet most of all, music can be a stress reliever. According to the article, "The Role of Music in Stress Management," Some clients have reported that they relax when they are listening to music, and making music. Which agrees to what I say about music helping people. It helps people focus which the article does agree to as well.