November 12, 2014

American Revolution

What was America like in 1763? The good the bad and the ugly.

Why did English Americans want their independence? Did every american want? Why or why not.

What/When/Where was the decision made to become independent?

how and why did it begin?

America is 1763 was bad and good for  the colonists. Something good that happened to the colonists was that the French and Indian War was over and they didn't have to fight anymore. Starting off with the bad was taxation. According to the book,  England was in debt because the war against France was very costly for them so they decided to start taxing the colonists. Also the colonists worked very hard and some of them were sixteen years of age or younger, and they had to work for the idlers which were rich Englishmen that did not work at all. self govern

The English Americans wanted their independence because they tax laws were going into effect; and they got angry because they just got taxed more and more throughout this time. They also wanted independence because they believed that it would be a peaceful solution to the conflicts with England. Then they divided into two groups the people that wanted to stay loyal to the King called Loyalists. They the people that wanted to break free from England called the Patriots.

The decision to become independent happened when Benjamin Franklin thought that the English society was corrupt and that the Americans should break away. The conflict between Benjamin Franklin reflected on the Patriots and Loyalists in the colonies which sort of led to the decision to become independent.

Strengths and Weakness of England and America

Similarities and Differences between their strengths were were for America they fought for a cause. They just didn't fight just because they wanted to there was a reason. While as England doesn't show of fighting for a cause as a reason. A strength of England is that the had the best trained Army in the world. While as America's weakness was that they had an unprofessional, poorly trained army. A weakness that England had was fighting far from home. While America's strength was fighting on home soil.

It was a bad time for Washington at Valley Forge because about 2,000 out of 10,000 of his army had died. He spent a good portion of his winter trying to get his army ready to fight.

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