January 19, 2015

What does Fracking REALLY do?

Fracking is not a safe and viable alternative to our energy independence because fracking ruins the lives of many people. Fracking is not safe and viable because it ruins wells in many states. Their water is then so contaminated with chemicals very badly that they can light the water on fire. They aren't even able to use water for cleaning, cooking, or drinking. Many people don't have grocery stores within miles of their home so it makes life harder for them.

One example to support my reasoning is a man in Colorado even said that he asked the people who fracked in his well to test the water, and they said that there is nothing wrong with the water when it was actually. The man that was creating the documentary even went to one of the main fracking companies and they said that they weren't going to speak with him. This is not a good viable alternative because there is over 2,000 chemicals in the water. Which makes the water very deadly. A husband and wife had said they were at least drinking the water about a month then his wife got very sick and that was when they figured out that there was something wrong with their water.

Recently, at the beginning of 2015, North Texas has been getting quite a few Earthquakes. Within 24 hour there were nine Earthquakes. In Texas oil and gas industry is very important. Texas is one out of the 3 biggest oil and gas industries in the United States. Many people believe that could be the main cause of the Earthquakes. In conclusion, I believe that Fracking is not a safe and viable alternative to our energy independence because it puts chemicals in the water of well water owners, and it could be the possible cause of many Earthquakes.

 Is the process when people drill a water and chemical mix at a high pressure into rocks the ground and when it hits a rock in the ground to force it open  and extract oil or gas. They believe it causes Earthquakes.

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