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2/12/14 I have been in band since sixth grade and I play clarinet. In 7th grade on February 8, 2014 we went to Solo & Ensemble competition. I played a clarinet trio of the song Waltz by Dmitri Kabalevsky I had the greatest time ever! Soon we will go for concert band contest.

3/14/14 For concert band contest we are playing as a band Prehistoric Suite, Too Beautiful For Words, and Jamboree. Out of the three pieces I play first part for clarinet on all of them and it is very exciting. Soon we are going to go to Chicken Sale on April 12, 2014. Play music which I think is the same as the concert bad contest pieces in our Gymnasium.

5/30/14   I had my last concert May 29, 2014 and it was our Spring concert. We played four pieces of music which were "Prologue from "Hook", O Mio Babbino Caro "Oh My Dear Papa", FunkyTown, and Test Drive from How To Train Your Dragon and it was 7th & 8th grade Band with Orchestra.

                                      Prehistoric Suite

                   Too Beautiful For Words


                        I sadly couldn't find one for Jamboree.

For Choir Solo & Ensemble the buses were cancelled so only a few kids had gone to Solo & Ensemble. On the bright side of things we are also working on music for the Chicken Sale as well as Band and Orchestra. As far as now we are doing a Dance Only song and a Sing Only song. Here are the songs below.

                 Dance Only


                   Sing Only


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