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For my Genius Hour I started out with the History of Disney. I learned about when it started who started it and the different cartoons that started out Disney. Then I thought to myself how would this help others. Then I decided to go onto another route. My second idea was learning and teaching guitar. I then created a Weebly website there is where I put the different things that you need to know about when you are learning how to play guitar. It was basically where you learn so you can teach other how to play the guitar. You could learn how to read the music and the different notes and fingerings for the music. Is it right to an email and Twitter to go along with it if anyone had any further questions. I was thinking about starting a guitar club but then I noticed that it takes years of experience to become a teacher of anything so then I decided to change what I wanted to do again. 

I went to my final idea which was an Arts & Crafts Club. I liked how the whole idea of an Arts & Crafts club came along. I wondered what might have happened if I created my own club. I thought to myself is it possible to me to create my own Arts & Crafts Club. So I tried to contact my principal from my elementary school to see if I could hold an Arts & Crafts club at that school. What could happen if she actually saw what I had asked her? Now the idea of having an actual Arts & Crafts Club was gone. I got to thinking after that what would it take to make an online Arts & Crafts Club. What if I made a signup sheet and people actually joined? After thinking about that I made a poll for people to signup. After a week or less there were 5 people that were signed up. Does it matter if not many people joined my Arts & Crafts Club. After that I put my first activity post which was to introduce yourself to the group. How might it turn out? After a couple of days I figured out the turn out and only one person actually had the time to participate in the Arts and Crafts club. Is it right to keep asking people to join to get more people involved in your Genius Hour project. Is the reason for not many people joining is that they found it as a boring topic. I thought to myself how is it like to participate in any type of Arts & Crafts club. I want to keep my Genius Hour going because I think that it could be very successful.

*  How is..... like.....

4/7/14                       Genius Hour Reflection
Today my time at Genius Hour was spent reading, planning, creating and learning about ways to create a online art club. I was thinking about holding it at a local elementary school but it was hard to get in contact with the principal of the school so I took my second route which was to create an online arts and crafts club. I read how to get an online club started. I learned things like to plan when it will be held and the name of it come up with a motto or something cool that can go along with it. I also learned that you don't want to have to many people join because then it might start to get frustrating having to keep up with all of the different people that are joining into the club.

3/31/14                       Genius Hour Reflection
Today my time at Genius Hour was spent trying to get in contact with the principal of my elementary school I went to a few years ago. I was going to start to see if holding it at a school would work if not I will go on with the online idea. I was reading different ways to start my arts and crafts club again. I planned different things just in case my principal thought it was a good idea or didn't think so.  I looked up different things that the kids could actually do if I have the Arts and Crafts club. I also brainstormed different ideas.
3/17/14                       Genius Hour Reflection
Today my time at Genius Hour was spent planning and creating. I am planning on creating an Arts & Crafts club at a local school or online. How I would start it and what would be the end result of it. I read some different articles of how to start an Arts & Crafts Club.

3/10/14                             Genius Hour Reflection
I was planning on a different Genius Hour idea because I figured out in order to be a teacher you need to know what you are doing, and you need to know it well and it takes years of preparation. Which I haven't had years of preparation not even many weeks so I decided to take a new route. Which was something along the lines of Arts and Crafts.

2/24/14                                   Genius Hour Reflection
Today my time at Genius Hour was spent creating, planning, and learning. I was planning on playing some of the things I learned on guitar at home. Like learning how to play the different notes that I had learned throughout the process. I was also considering making a Guitar Club if I got any better at playing the Guitar.

2/17/14                                        Genius Hour Reflection
Today my time at Genius Hour was spent creating, learning, and reading. I have created a email which is for people to email me suggestions for my blog or what I should do. I also created a Twitter so I could try to get in contact with other people so I could learn how to play guitar and maybe some suggestions of what I should learn and do when I become a better guitar player.

2/10/14                                    Genius Hour Reflection
Today my time at Genius Hour I have published my Weebly blog for my Learning How To Play Guitar. I also learned that out of the 6 strings on guitar the string closest to the ceiling is string 6 which is Low E. I also did some updates in my site.

2/3/14                            Genius Hour Reflection
Today my time at Genius Hour I have changed my idea from History of Disney to
Learning How To Play Guitar. I have learned how to create a website on
Weebly because I had never used Weebly before so I wanted to try something new. I also tried out different sites to create a blog/website, but I wanted to try something different instead of creating a blog on Blogger which as you can tell I've already done. When I was trying out different sites I had found that out of many of blogs I had tri
ed they were only trial sites. You weren't able to do much with with your website unless you paid.


NAME: Breana P

Title: History of Disney

Impact: My project will impact other people because they could learn some new things they didn’t know about the history of Disney.

Awesome: My project is awesome because it could help people learn something they didn’t know about the history of Disney

Genius: I will be using my genius of creativity, and hard work ethic.
My goal will be to learn new things many people didn’t know about the
history of Disney Creating a blog show the things I found out about the
history of Disney.
expect to learn new things I didn’t know about the history of Disney
like when it was created. I will be challenged about creating the blog
and find things for the blog and keeping the blog updated.
Materials: My materials I need will be my computer and a notebook and possibly a poster or something like that.
Main Steps:
of my main steps is to make sure I have the material I need. Another is
to make sure I create the blog. I have to read some articles and
research different things about the history of disney. I will document
my progress by making a blog and or poster. Taking pictures of the
things I came up with and found and documenting research.

I expect the project to take a few months because there might be loads of and different things I could learn.

sources would be YouTube videos. Others would be different reviews and
facts. There probably/ most likely are any outside experts I could learn
or get help from. No, there is existing example of the sort of project I
want to complete that I know of.

What might be difficult is making sure my blog is organized and not crowded. Try my hardest at completing the task.

Iwill share by creating a blog and tweeting about it and sharing the
link with others. My target audience is basically people of all ages.

Creating a blog and sharing it with others. Yes, my project can be measured throughout the project.

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