My Goals

                           My Goals

5/30/14                     End of the Year Reflection
One of the goals that I have accomplished that I had set at the beginning of the year was that I wanted to have either an A or a B in Math class. As of right now in the end of the year I have an A+ 183. I am very proud of myself because I never thought that I would have such a good grade average in Math before in my life. I couldn't have done it without my amazing Math teacher.

My second goal was to practice a bit more soccer which leeds to my long term goal which was to play soccer in high school and/or college. Maybe even more later to become a pro at soccer. I did actually succeed in the process of artwork. I am still working very hard to remain having great grades which I am very proud of. I am very happy of the success of my goals this year and I plan on seting up more throughout the summer.

1/10/14                                           New Goals

What I have done well is that I have had very good grades. I have studied hard which increased my knowledge in all of my subjects. I did somewhat become an artist. Sadly one of my short-term goals that I did not achieve was becoming a better soccer player. I did not achieve this because I had lost my soccer ball and the weather was way too dreadful to be able to play soccer in these conditions. Gladly I did receive a new soccer ball so I will be able to play when the weather is nice. I am becoming a better writer. I see a great amount of change in writing from the beginning of the year until now.

                                        Short Term Goals Are...
1. Practice my Solo and Ensemble music for both Band and Choir more than once a week on my own.
2. Work hard to create a good outcome for my Science Fair project.
3. Try working on Online Social Studies as soon as there is new work for me to accomplish

                         Long Term Goals Are... 
1. To always work hard on keeping my grades up.
2. Play soccer more often and practice more often when the weather is nice.
3. Help out around the house more than I do now with just only clean my room and the dishes.

 8/26/13    My one special thing is that I am a good artist.
                                My Short-term Goals Are...                 

1. I want to be a better soccer player within this year. How I can be a better soccer player is to practice small things that can help me play better.
2. I want to practice more at drawing to be an even greater artist. How I can is practice more and more drawings.
3. Be a A or  B student in Math this year. How I can achieve this is by practicing the topic of the week on my own time and on my time.

                                             My Long-term Goals Are...

1. I want to play soccer in college. How I can play soccer in college is to be preparing every fall,spring, and summer when it is nice out.
2. Become a unprofessional good singer. Practicing every once in awhile singing on my own
3. Become a chef. How I can be a chef is practice cooking, and preparing different meals.

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