Student Blogging Challenge

Student Blogging Challenge  #10
I have written 18 posts. Out of all of the post 7 were ones given by my teacher Mrs. Neidlinger, 9 from the challenge, and 2 that was unrelated. I had received 14 comments from teachers, and overseas students. I received the most comments on Blogging Challenge 9 Part A. I think I got the most comments on that one because it was lengthy and it was two different parts which made it more interesting.

I enjoyed the post on the Best Individual Student Blog because I was able to nominate someone that I thought put a lot of great work and hard effort into their blog. Yes, I have changed my blog theme once from plain green to a One Direction theme because I thought that went along with my interest even though green is my all-time favorite color. I have 8 widgets and I believe that 8 is good because it is not too crowded on my blog. Overseas students that I have on my blogroll is 157 students.

Student Blogging Challenge #9B

I nominate Hailee's blog for Best Individual Blog. I think that Hailee's blog is one of the best individual blogs because when you go to her blog everything looks as if a professional had created the blog.  He blog is very organized so if you missed one of her recent posts you just look over to the top right hand corner and find the most recent posts. She is very creative with her work which I admire. She is a very outstanding writer which will help her in the long run. She takes pride in every post she creates and doesn't just do few sentences. She is very descriptive in her blog posts which makes things even more interesting and makes you want to read more of her amazing blog. I hearby nominate her to become this years Best Individual Blog. I really think that she deserves this as much as everyone else.

Student Blogging Challlenge #9A

I did two different great post for blogging challenge. Here is the first great post.

                   Why Stereotype? Have you ever been the victim of stereotyping, or have you witnessed someone else stereotyping others? Towards the end of my fifth grade year at Riverside Intermediate School. I witnessed people stereotyping a kindergarten girl, and it was time to come to a change.
It was one beaming afternoon the sun shining brightly on the windows of the yellow school bus. I went very rapidly up the stairs of the bus. I could smell the sweet smell of chocolate. I went to find a seat to save for my friend Brisa and I. A few minutes later she came running faster than a cheetah onto the bus. She seemed very excited.
“Hey Breana,” she said.
“Hello Brisa,” I replied.
All of the kids that went to Washington came onto the bus. They all got onto the bus in a very speedy quick amount of time. We were sitting in our seat that we had always sat in. We look down the aisle and we see Logan. She was wearing her usual Batman jacket, Batman shoes, and Batman backpack that she really deeply loved.
“Brisa! Logan just got on the bus and she sat with her brother Dominic and some other boy that I don’t know by name.” I told her.
“He’s the girl Molly’s younger brother, but I don’t know his name either.” she said.
“Oh, well I am hearing Dominic yelling at him, but I couldn’t hear the conversation clearly. I said.
Then I told my older sister because I needed to find someone to fix it because we found out that he was making fun of Logan because she liked batman and was wearing the jacket, backpack, and the shoes. As we were getting ready to get off the bus my older sister went up the the kid who was stereotyping Logan that she told him to stop because it doesn’t matter what you like or wear as long as she likes it it doesn’t matter. As we were getting off of the bus my sister told the bus driver and he took care of the rest of the ride on as we kept riding the bus it stopped and Logan seemed very grateful.

In the end as we kept riding the bus the stereotyping towards Logan had faded fast. Logan had seemed very grateful that we helped male it stop. Overall the kid that was stereotyping learned that stereotyping is no good. Why stereotyping? Were all human it shouldn't matter what we like or wear we are all original, and unique in our own way.

I am going to tell you some of my favorite things. Game is the entire Just Dance collection. Songs are Over Again, Story Of My Life, Royals, My Favorite Things, and King Of Everything. Book is The Outsiders. Sport is soccer. Movie is This Is Us which is One Direction’s movie. Colors are blue and green. Animals are cats, and monkeys. Drinks are Arizona Tea, Bob Evans hot cocoa, and Sprite. Foods are tacos, stir fry, and fried chicken. Football team is the Green Bay Packers.

Also my favorite candy is Twix, and all the varieties of Cookie Dough Bites. My Dream vacation is United Kingdom, Ireland, and Bahamas. Boy bands are One Direction, and 5SOS. Girl band is Little Mix. Albums are Up All Night, Take Me Home, DNA. Hobbies are drawing, making crafts, and watching YouTube. Fast food restaurants are Taco Bell, King Gyros, Subway, Sonic, and Little Caesars. Dining restaurants are Bob Evans, Applebees, and Kings Buffet. Places to shop are Claire’s, Justice, and the University Park Mall. Shoe brand is Converse. Last, but not least movie actress is Jennifer Lawrence

Student Blogging Challenge #8

I have visited 10 different websites. I went on websites of people from Canada, United States,  and Australia. Here are the different blogs that I went to and I like all of them.

Fact about Gem's blog is that she likes Oreos dipped in Ginger Ale

Fact about Rachel's blog is that she loves to bake and cook just like me.    

Fact about Abby's blog is that she loves to play soccer.

Fact about Hailee's blog is that likes animals.

Fact about Chyna's blog is that she likes volleyball which I played my sixth grade year. g/

Fact about Veronica is that she likes Ariana Grande, One Direction, and tacos just like I do.

Fact about Alyssa's blog is that she loves One Direction just like me. /

Fact about La'Nadie's blog is that she really likes her school and even posted pictures of it.

Fact about Laine's blog is that likes to play hockey.

Fact about Unknown name's blog is that she likes to play Softball.

Those are the blogs that I visited make sure you check out there blogs with the links above.

Student Blogging Challenge #7

Is it better to have a Negative Digital Footprint or No Digital Footprint? In my opinion I think that it would be better to have no digital footprint than have a negative digital footprint. Three reasons I'd want no footprint because life would be a lot easier without one. Second you wouldn't have to stress about bad publicity (if your a celebrity, which we all know I'm not...maybe I am.) Third in general you'd have lots of free time to do things like (drawing,cleaning,cooking..etc) instead of updating your status, or making sure you posted that picture of you and your friends on Instagram and many more. Those are three reasons why I would want no digital footprint. If your on the side of rather having a negative digital footprint I guess here are three reason why you'd rather have a negative digital footprint. First maybe you'd want a negative digital footprint so you have something people can remember you by than no footprint. Second is that maybe you have nothing to do so you go on to some social media website and start ranting about something because you are bored. Third maybe you just want to have a negative digital footprint. Those are three reasons why you'd rather have a negitive digital footprint or have no footprint at all.

Student Blogging Challenge #6

I choose activity #5. I couldn't get in contact with my grandmother, but on the internet I was searching through different inventions since my grandmother was born. The one that I thought was the most important invention is the artificial pacemaker. In 1950 John Hopps, Canadian created the the world's first pacemaker. Even though it was powered though AC wall sockets it still worked. John tried to create a rechargeble battery, but he didn't come out being successful. Later on in 1958 the first wearable and clinical pacemaker was created.October 17, 2013

Blog Action Day

Blog Action Day
Human Rights
Student Blogging Challenge #5
According to the document of Article 19 of the The Convention on the Rights of the Child I found that one of the children's rights is that all children under the age of 18 are supposed to are to be protected from neglect and abuse. This topic really caught my eye because I never knew us children every had this right. Which brings me to the topic of news. On the news you hear about different cases about children being abuse and neglected to the point that they are no longer alive.

On Monday, September 16, 2013 a 22 year old man by the name of Daquon Gomillion was charged with four counts of first-degree assault and four counts of risk of injury to a child. The 5-year-old boy had many scars on both legs, his back, and chest, and part of one of his ears was missing. His lip had been split. When you hear about children being neglected and abused it makes you feel horrible. I could not find any images, and I really couldn't see myself putting one because it is a very dreadful.

One of the children's rights is to be protected from neglect and abuse. I think in this case that law was broken, because this would have never happened if the little 5 year old boy was being protected. I don't believe that he was. Then again the 22 year old man was arrested for abuse and the bond is $250,000. For what he did I think that he should be sentenced for life, and he tried to gain custody of the child. Which I believe he has no right to have a child after what he has done to the boy.

Student Blogging Challenge #4
For blogging challenge for I went on When I went on this website I saw that for each  question you gain 10 grains of rice that goes to people around the world to enjoy. Then you go through different levels, and after 100 grains you filled up a whole bowl. Freerice is a really fun website ,and you should check it out sometime.


                     Student Blogging Challenge #2

Student Blogging Challenge #1


  1. Great posts Breana, they really tell me a little about you. It looks like the second slide in your second slide show got a little pixilated, so it's hard to read. Try using a larger image to make it easier to read.
    Keep on blogging,

  2. Okay. It looks pixilated because I made it in Kioza or something like that and it wouldn't download to my computer. So I screenshot it and put it in and I couldn't make it larger, but next time I'll make sure I do.

  3. Wow, sounds like you are great at troubleshooting.
    I look forward to your next post and images.

  4. Great post Breana. You gave a great description about Free Rice and provided a link for in case your readers want to play the game. I like Free Rice too. It's one of the games my computer students are allowed to play if they have a little free time in class.

    I look forward to reading your next post. Keep blogging,