10/31/13                         The Overcomer

  I will be telling you why I think that my project is a positive resource for teens in my community. I noticed that a positive resource I think that was incorporated with my website was the Tips/Advice tab. I think that the tab Tips and Advice is a positive resource because there are a lot of people not only in our community, but in the world that suffer experiencing the effects of stereotyping and peer pressure. Sometimes people aren't feeling the best, but we have tips and advice that may help burn off some stress. I think another positive resource is the 'Videos That Make YOU Happy' tab. I think this because they make everyone smile, and boost everyone up. Those are my two favorite positive resources on my site. In conclusion my two tabs that I believe are positive resources are the ' Tips and Advice' and the 'Videos That Make YOU Happy'.

  I am going to tell you in my own perspective how I think my project was. I liked how our idea as a team was to use peer pressure, stereotyping, and bullying and put it all into one website for our project.  I liked how we made the website so if people are having a rough time they can leave a comment and we can help them with different tips to make them feel better about themselves. I noticed that I project wasn't perfect, because we left out the citations that we needed to have, but we already have the page on there now. I also thought is it possible to add more to our site, because I feel that are website needs a little something to it. I learned that being in a group with people working on something such as a website isn't hard at all if everyone contributes and does their part. In conclusion there were many things that I liked, wanted to change, and add, but as far as now I really like what we've accomplished.

Check out my Alexis, Kimberly, and I's movie trailer we created that we worked with Tone & Mood of an author.

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