June 25, 2015


Hey everyone, I will start to post again during my high school year. I would also like to thank you for every one visting my website and checking it out. Thank you and Good bye! (;

May 17, 2015

Innovation Hour 2015

There are many children in the world that go to sleep at night without being able to eat that day. For my Innovation Hour I decided to do a Penny War for Feed the Children. Feed the Children is a non-profit organization that was founded 35 years ago since then they have been trying to help end child hunger. Their vision is to create a world where no child goes to bed hungry. The mission they have is to provide hope and essentials to children that live life without them,

First I learned about the organization Kiva. Kiva is an organization where you can lend loans to people who are in poverty. Kiva was founded in October of 2005 by Jessica Jackley and Matt Flannery headquarters are located in San Francisco. The ways that you can help Kiva is by loaning money to the people who need the fund,s volunteering, purchasing a Kiva card, and sharing Kiva with family friends. You decide where your money goes like health, education, agriculture, shelter, and many more. You decide where your money goes. There a lots of things that you have to look at while choosing the person that you want to loan to. Like field partners which are people who collect repayments, screen the borrowers, post loan requests and much more. I learned about everything that I would need to know about Kiva like ways you can help, field partners, and where or what your money goes towards,

We then had to plan out how we would raise money for Kiva. We first came up doing a Pie in the Face to raise money to lend to someone on Kiva, We wanted to lend money to someone who needs help with health or education. We thought how might we actually start a pie in the face? I noticed that it takes a lot of time to prepare for a fundraiser of any sort. We had to figure out how much it would cost to put your name in the drawing to be the one to throw a pie in the face of one of the teachers. What teachers might want to take part in the Pie in the Face. What month of the spirit assembly would we talk about our fundraiser and so much more preparation things. We had to plan a fundraiser our idea was Pie in the Face and it takes a lot of preparation.    

Our Pie in the Face fundraiser never had principal authorization because they were never available. So our project changed into wanting to raise funds for Feed the Children. Does it matter if we change who we fund. I learned a little about the organization Feed the Children and I liked the idea of fundraising for them. Feed the Children is a non-profit organization that tries to help reduce child hunger all around the world. Feed the Children was founded in 1979 and the founder is Larry Jones and the CEO is Kevin Hagan. Feed the Children headquarters are in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I noticed that you can also help donate money towards education to people around the world. This helps give food and supplies to children who need these items. There are also Teacher Store locations in Indiana, Tennessee, and Oklahoma where you can donate a backpack full of food and supplies. Also within the organization you can sponsor a child with a cost of thirty dollars a month. You get to send and receive letters from the child you sponsor and they receive water, nutritious food, school supplies and more. Our Innovation Hour idea changed and I learned about Feed the Children and decided that we should donate to them they have different programs and opportunities to help children all around the world.

We decided to do a different fundraising idea than a Pie in the Face. What if we did a Penny War? I wonder if it would be easier to compete by Max Time class or by team. We had to figure out how we were going to start the Penny War and figured out that it would be Tuesday May 12 to Tuesday May 19th. Is it right to have the fundraiser go that long. We also had to think about the incentive that we were going to chose for the winning team. Is it possible to do a Pizza Party? What we had to do now was find a way to get people to know about the Penny War. We wrote a script to be read on PTV2 and we also wrote a script to say on the end of the day announcements, and lastly a visual advertisement as well. We chose a different fundraising idea for or Feed the Children fundraising we had to figure out the time of fundraiser, incentive, ways to get people excited and for it to be approved by the principal.

We took our idea to the principal to see if we could start the Penny War. What could happen if the principal did not approve our idea? The principals did approve our idea of the Penny War. How is this whole Penny War going to work if we didn’t have containers? So we had to make that we had 7 containers for the 7 different teams. Is the reason for not advertising not getting any proceeds. After the first day on Tuesday May 12 we didn’t have any pennies at all what would it take to get funds. What would it take to actually get some funds? The next day we actually made posters for our table in the cafeteria, hung up the flyers I made all around the school, and at the end of the day I made an announcement to the whole school. Is it possible to get the message to the school by an announcement on PTV2? I sent the script to them. The fundraiser hasn’t ended yet and we are hoping to raise a decent amount of money to give to Feed the Children. We went to the principal to get our fundraiser approved we didn’t raise any the first day but by the second day we actually got funds.

Our final project is not done yet because we have two more day for the fundraiser. We accomplished to raise some money for the non-profit charity Feed the Children. Our project will impact people because the money we donate to Feed the Children will provide food and other life essentials to a family around the world. It changed because we didn’t get principal approval to have a Pie in the Face at a Spirit Assembly, What I hoped to accomplish was to raise money for a good cause that will benefit people for a long time. My vision was to have fun and be able to promote a fundraiser for a good cause. This is what I did for my Innovation Hour.

January 19, 2015

What does Fracking REALLY do?

Fracking is not a safe and viable alternative to our energy independence because fracking ruins the lives of many people. Fracking is not safe and viable because it ruins wells in many states. Their water is then so contaminated with chemicals very badly that they can light the water on fire. They aren't even able to use water for cleaning, cooking, or drinking. Many people don't have grocery stores within miles of their home so it makes life harder for them.

One example to support my reasoning is a man in Colorado even said that he asked the people who fracked in his well to test the water, and they said that there is nothing wrong with the water when it was actually. The man that was creating the documentary even went to one of the main fracking companies and they said that they weren't going to speak with him. This is not a good viable alternative because there is over 2,000 chemicals in the water. Which makes the water very deadly. A husband and wife had said they were at least drinking the water about a month then his wife got very sick and that was when they figured out that there was something wrong with their water.

Recently, at the beginning of 2015, North Texas has been getting quite a few Earthquakes. Within 24 hour there were nine Earthquakes. In Texas oil and gas industry is very important. Texas is one out of the 3 biggest oil and gas industries in the United States. Many people believe that could be the main cause of the Earthquakes. In conclusion, I believe that Fracking is not a safe and viable alternative to our energy independence because it puts chemicals in the water of well water owners, and it could be the possible cause of many Earthquakes.

 Is the process when people drill a water and chemical mix at a high pressure into rocks the ground and when it hits a rock in the ground to force it open  and extract oil or gas. They believe it causes Earthquakes.

December 17, 2014

The Year of the Hangman Book Blog - Week 2

Question #2
I think that in today's society in America adults do wait to long to treat teenagers like adults. Here are some pros and cons of having Americans have full rights and responsibilities at the age of 15 are. Pros are that they would have a say in the person that they would want to lead our country. They would take more responsibility sooner. They'd be able to have a say of what is right for their country. They would become more educated about the world in an adult way. Cons are that some teenagers wouldn't be able to keep up with everything that is going on. Some teenagers could misuse the rights of adulthood. They could become overwhelmed with responsibilities. School and working for a living could be hard for them. Those are some pros and cons of having full rights and responsibilities of adults at the age of 18.